What is New Vision Therapy?

This gentle yet incredibly deep treatment is based on a release of the Central Nervous system through the Vagus nerve and Hiatus connection in your body to bring you healing and to restore balance.

The vagus nerve which is the longest, largest and the most complex of all the cranial nerves through its branches is connected to the heart, the lungs and the immune system. It controls most aspects of our body like digestive system and parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us restore the body’s relaxation responses.

Through this treatment, you can reset the fight/flight mode in your body, release emotional and muscular tension, relieve joint inflammation, overcome depression and migraines, treat injuries, improve brain function and activate your immune system's response.

How long is the treatment?

An initial New Vision Therapy Treatment takes 75 minutes and costs £75. Follow up appointments last for 60 minutes at £65.